Own Your Anxiety (feat. Dr Tracy Dennis-Tiwary) #386

Featured in
Zestology With Tony Wrighton
Published on
June 14, 2022

How can you own anxiety ‘so that it doesn’t own you’?

A third of us will struggle with anxiety disorders in our lifetime and rates in children and adults continue to skyrocket.

Dr Tracy Dennis-Tiwary' s book is all about anxiety, and she is a celebrated expert in this area.

She is Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at The City University of New York, and also Director of the Stress, Anxiety, and Resilience Research Centre.

Dr Tracy Dennis-Tiwary distils the latest research in psychology and neuroscience, combined with real-world stories and personal narrative, to argue that the discomfort of anxiety is a tool, rather than something to be feared and reviled.

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